Wednesday, August 13, 2008

env command

Environment VariableDescription
BASH Path of the BASH executable file
BASH_ENV Path of the BASH environment file, which specifies BASH options
COLUMNS Width, in characters, of console window
EUID Effective user ID
HISTFILE Path of the BASH command history file
HISTFILESIZE Maximum number of lines recorded in history file
HISTSIZE Maximum number of commands recorded in history file
HOME Path of user’s home directory
HOSTNAME Name of the host
IFS Field separator (white space) characters
LINES Length, in lines, of console window
LOGNAME User’s log in name
LS_COLORS Options for ls command
OSTYPE Operating system name (”Linux”)
PATH Program path
PPID Process ID of the shell’s parent process
PS1 Command prompt string
PS2 Continuation prompt string
PS4 Execution trace string
PWD Current working directory
SHELL Path of the shell executable
SHLVL Number of nested shell invocations
TERM Terminal type
USER User name


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